Overview 2020

The 2020 financial year of the ATM Group is part of a local and global scenario unprecedented in history. The pandemic that developed at the beginning of last year and the consequent health emergency, still ongoing, have upset the social and economic system all over the world, also modifying and penalizing the local public transport sector.

The Company has been called upon to assume a role of absolute centrality in the reality that, with continuous changes also at the regulatory level, has been created, with a mobility based on new and unexpected paradigms. It was fundamental the sense of responsibility and professionalism of our 10,000 people, who have guaranteed and guarantee today a new mobility, safe for customers and employees, through the reorganization of operational processes and working methods, with investments and expenses incurred for the sanitation processes of all places, assistance to passengers and technological applications for the management and control of flows. Even more than before, local public transport has also played a social function, operating at the service of the community and as an element of territorial inclusion, as well as a guarantee for those who had to operate on the front line.


With over 10,000 employees, ATM manages public transport and integrated mobility services in the city of Milan and in 95 municipalities in Lombardy, on a territory that affects over 2.5 million inhabitants.


Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The business model approved by the Board of Directors defines the Company's strategies for facing the post-pandemic future with new business models that focus on expanding the business perimeter and on innovative services.
In a context profoundly changed by the pandemic, ATM is projecting itself on a new phase of development to respond to the challenges of the current and future scenario and to new trends of the demand – keeping sustainability, innovation and the valorization of people at the center of the company guidelines.

These are the main objectives of the Strategic Plan:

The guidelines of environmental sustainability have been confirmed. They envisage – among the priorities – the transition towards a zero-impact fleet by 2030. Electric or hydrogen-powered buses vehicles, will also be managed with new depots deposits, converted or created ad hoc. Thanks to the switch to Fully Electric, ATM will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the air by 74 thousand tons per year.

In terms of enhancing the human resources and professionalism of the ATM Group, the 2021-2025 Plan aims to develop new skills and the attraction and growth of new talents. In particular, with the promotion of a culture open to diversity and inclusion, with the specific purpose of improving gender balance, thus progressively increasing the presence of women in a sector that for a long time had a purely male connotation.

ATM certainly aims to consolidate its role as a player of excellence internationally for the management of sustainable public transport and integrated mobilityat the centre is the offer of a service based on the needs of the city users, technologically advanced and efficient. An objective that the Company intends to achieve first of all by contributing to the evolution and relaunch of Milan, which it promotes for an increasingly sustainable, safe and smart city.